Let us now tell you exactly how to see who my wife is texting.

BEST 5 Apps to Find Out Who Is Your Wife Texting

How To Read My Wife’s Texts From My Phone In 2023

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If you want to find out “who is my wife texting”, you have a valid reason for this. In a world where touching someone else’s phone is regarded as a rude privacy violation, you urge to track your wife’s phone without her knowing cannot be caused by idle curiosity. And if so, you do not have time to waste. Let us now tell you exactly how to see who my wife is texting.

How Can Spy Apps Track Your Wife’s Phone?

How To Read My Wife’s Texts From My Phone In 2023

Spy apps and services, initially designed to assist parents and employers, have found a surprising new application: catching cheating spouses. These versatile tools offer valuable features that make them highly effective in uncovering infidelity, particularly when it comes to monitoring a spouse’s text messages. In this article, we will explore the key traits that make these apps an ideal solution for those seeking to expose their cheating wives.

  1. Remote Monitoring for Convenient Access

One significant advantage of spy apps is their ability to provide remote access, eliminating the need for constant physical contact with the target device. Through secure login companies and web portals, users can monitor their wife’s text messages anytime, anywhere, ensuring effortless access to critical information.

  1. Undetectable Stealth Mode

Spy apps and services operate discreetly in stealth mode, making them virtually impossible to detect or remove unless accessed through the designated web portal. This ensures that you can engage in surveillance without raising suspicion or risking exposure.

  1. Access Anywhere, Anytime

The convenience of web portal access allows users to monitor gathered data from anywhere, at any time. Even if you are away from home or traveling, you can log in to your secure account and review all the activities on the target device. This feature provides flexibility and ensures you don’t miss any vital information.

  1. Comprehensive Data Recording and Management

Spy apps and services meticulously record every action, storing the data within the web portal. This enables you to conveniently review and delete the information as needed, giving you control over the evidence gathered and maintaining your privacy.

In the digital age, spy apps have emerged as powerful tools for uncovering infidelity. Their remote monitoring capabilities, undetectable operation, and convenient web portal access make them an excellent method for exposing cheating wives through text message monitoring.

Trust and open communication remain the foundations of a healthy relationship, but when faced with suspicions, spy apps can provide the necessary evidence for confronting issues and making informed decisions about the future.

Check out the top 5 spy apps to see who my wife is texting.

The Best 5 Spy Apps to See Your Wife’s Text Messages

Below we have described the five most popular spy apps you can currently get online. Every app we have looked at can be a sufficient answer to the question, “How to read my wife’s text messages from my phone?” When giving them their rating, we considered three factors: functionality, price, and customer reviews.


MSPY ⭐Hack Snapchat Account: Best Guide How to Hack into Someone’s Snapchat

The mSpy app is undoubtedly a leading choice when it comes to cell phone tracking. With a decade of presence in the market, it was initially introduced by MTech Inc. as a desktop and laptop work time tracker. However, in recent years, it has made its way into the mobile market, offering valuable assistance to concerned parents, troubled couples, and vigilant employers.

mSpy seamlessly operates on both Android and iOS platforms. This phone monitoring application empowers users to access text messages, making it possible to keep an eye on your spouse’s SMS communication. The SMS tracking feature is available across all versions of mSpy, including the Basic monthly subscription.

What is more, if you are thinking, “How to get my wife’s text messages sent to my phone,  including the deleted texts that she might have erased out of cautiousness?” mSpy is the answer. Outgoing and incoming ones are all captured by mSpy within three minutes. And if they were removed for any reason, mSpy lets you know it by marking them with the red color.

The information you get with mSpy is not limited to SMS. Below are the features you can use to your advantage if you would like to know more about your wife’s activities she keeps to herself.

Call Logs

With this feature, you can learn who your wife is talking to and for how long. On your personal Control Panel that you will be able to access in your account from any device that has an Internet connection, you will view the statistical reports on who your wife has been conversing with. If there are any suspicious phone numbers that seem to occupy too much of her time, you will know it immediately. 

Contact Lists

You will see all the contacts your wife has on her telephone and all their personal details, including phone number, names or nicknames she has given them, and emails if they are included.


This popular feature of mSpy will display your wife’s location and location history. mSpy will show you the routes she has taken recently as well as her instant location on a map. You will be able to track all the places your wife visited during the day. With this tool mSpy gives you, it becomes straightforward to verify whether your spouse or girlfriend is lying to you about her whereabouts. 


This is a valuable addition to the Locations tool in the Basic package. You need to purchase the Premium subscription plan, though, if you would like to use Geofencing. Create special areas by clicking on the map, setting the radius, and naming them. You will also need to choose how you would like to receive the notifications: when your wife leaves the area, enters it, or both. 

Calendar and Notes

Looking through your wife’s calendar, you will know what to expect. As she is unlikely to include her secret appointments in her schedule, you will know precisely when to dig for more details. If she makes up stories about the meetings that she did not actually plan, they may be the dates.

Messengers and Social Media

When you are thinking, “I have to see my wife’s text messages,” you think of all of them. You can access the most popular instant messaging applications (WhatsApp, Messenger, Viber, Instagram, etc.) and e-mails. In other words, you can effortlessly read all the messages you can think of with mSpy.

Restricted Contacts

If you choose the best value for money and purchase the Premium package, you will have a restriction tool at your disposal, allowing you to create a blacklist through your mSpy account. Whoever you include in it will not be able to get through to your wife getting disconnected every time they attempt to call.

Browsing History

Learn about all her activities online by getting the lists of the links she visited, her bookmarks, and search history as a Premium user if you want to find out “who is my wife texting”. 

The Restriction tool will also enable you to block certain links, like dating sites, etc. You can apply it proactively or to the sites that she has already been frequenting. Whenever she tries to open the sites, she will get the blank white pages.


A keylogger is a device or a program that captures all the keyboard entries on the target device. With mSpy Premium, you get it as a handy tool on our dashboard. It means that now you will be able to read whatever your wife types on her phone, even the login credentials for certain sites. You can use the built-in filter to check entries for specific services, for instance, Facebook or WhatsApp.

Keyword Alert

This feature is a handy addition to the keylogger, allowing you to create your own list of words you would like to get notified about. You can choose which apps the words should appear in and whether you would like to receive emails about each instance.

Installed Applications

This feature will display all the apps that your wife has installed on her phone from the Play Store if she uses an Android phone or App Store if she has an iOS device. You can apply your Restriction tool to the apps, which will work the same way as the links restriction turning the screen white when your wife tries to launch the app. After that, she is likely to give the worst rating to the app in question.


The photos and videos in your wife’s phone gallery will be at your fingertips on your mSpy dashboard. You will be able to view all the photo and video files that were added to the gallery after mSpy installation, either created on the target phone, or received through the social media and messengers, or downloaded from the Internet.

Live Screenshots 

This tool is one of the recent additions to the app functionality. As the name suggests, it makes the target phone screenshots and sends them to your Control Panel whenever the phone is in the active mode. You can set the regularity of the screenshots to the intervals convenient to you.


You can get the mSpy program to see who is your wife texting at the following prices:


  • $29.99 for one month.
  • $59.99 for three months.
  • $99.99 for twelve months.


  • $69.99 for one month.
  • $119.99 for three months.
  • $199.99 for twelve months.


SpyBubble How to Check My Wife’s Text Messages for Free?

This app is quite new compared to the previous one, and it offers similar functionality in both Basic and Premium packages, so we will not describe its functions separately. It also makes a claim to be able to send remote commands. 

Unlike mSpy, it has fewer positive reviews than mSpy, even compared to the total number of reviews it gets. A lot of reviews agree about the installation process not being user-friendly. So we can assume that SpyBubble is fairly difficult to install. 

However, it is known for quality customer support that can make up for this disadvantage.

All the iOS versions support it, Android OS 4.0 and above, BlackBerry OS 4.2.1+, Symbian, and Windows Mobile.


When you subscribe to the SpyBubble app, your first payment is $49, according to the information on their official site. You can try different packages after the trial period.


The features that make this app stand out are Call Recording, Camera Tracking, and Sim Card Change Detection. You might not really need call recording when you are tracking your spouse as the cheating adults are usually cautious enough to avoid telephone conversations with their lovers. And if they do talk over the phone, their conversations tend to be evasive.

Meanwhile, some cheaters go as far as purchasing a separate phone number to connect to their lovers. This is where the Sim card change alert will come in handy, notifying you about the cases that require your special attention.

Unfortunately, you cannot track iPhones or iPads with Hoverwatch, as it is not supported by iOS. Nevertheless, it can serve your needs if you want to track your wife’s activities on a personal computer.


Being pricey is one of the few disadvantages of Hoverwatch. However, it is one of the great options to consider if you are going to track a lot of devices at a time. You will find the detailed price list for Hoverwatch below:

  • Personal (1 device):
    • €24.95 for one month.
    • €59.95 for three months.
    • €99.95 for 12 months.
  • Professional (Up to 5 devices for $9.99 per device):
    • €49.95 for one month.
    • €99.95 for three months.
    • €199.95 for twelve months.
  • Business (Up to 25 devices for $5.99 per device):
    • €149.95 for one month.
    • €299.95 for three months.
    • €499.95 for twelve months.


who is my wife texting

This application stands among the market leaders for a reason. Unlike the two previous applications, it is capable of meeting even very specific professional needs. Correspondingly, besides the Basic (called Lite here, at FlexiSPY) and Premium versions, this app offers the Extreme package.

Here are the extreme functions it offers:

  • Messenger Calls Recording
  • Messenger Calls Logs
  • Call Notifications
  • Phone Call Recording
  • Ambient Recording
  • Remote Camera

The names of these functions are self-explanatory. FlexiSPY also covers more messengers than mSpy and SpyBubble, including Hike, QQ, and WeChat. There are also essential tools, like Remote Screenshots and Direct Messages on social media, that you can only get in the Extreme package with FlexiSPY. However, its competitors (mSpy and SpyBubble) offer them in the cheaper Premium plan.


See the FlexiSPY pricing policy below to compare the value it offers you.

  • Lite:
    • $29.95 for a month.
  • Premium:
    • $68 for one month.
    • $99 for three months.
    • $149 for twelve months
  • Extreme:
    • $199 for three months.
    • $349 for twelve months.

Mobile Spy

This application is promoted as parental control software, and the range of options it will give is an optimal collection for that particular purpose. However, if you want to know how to get your spouse’s text messages with Mobile Spy, you may find it not enough to serve your needs. 

The functionality Mobile Spy offers includes the extended set of tools its competitors above would give you in the basic version. Apart from call logs, contact lists, locations, SMS and messengers, multimedia and social media, etc. you get the SIM card change alert.

The keyword alert is narrowed down to the profanity alert.

Unfortunately, the only platform the app is supported on is Android. And rooting is required for comprehensive access to certain types of information.


You can get the Mobile Spy app at the following prices below.


  • $49.97 for three months.
  • $69.97 for six months.
  • $99.97 for twelve months.


  • $64.97 for three months.
  • $89.97 for six months.
  • $139.97 for twelve months.

Is It Difficult to Install Text Messages Spy App?

The best way to find how easy it will be to install the app is by reading its customers’ reviews before you pay for the subscription. And the reviews of the apps above were very positive in all respects, including this one. Although the installation processes may differ in detail, we will use mSpy, the leader in this rating, to showcase the installation steps for both Android and iOS.

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Installation Steps on iPhone/iPad

As most iCloud accounts have two-factor authentication on them at the moment, you will need to physically have the phone for a minute or two to look up the passcode that will be sent to you. Then, all it takes to connect your customer account to your wife’s iPhone to read her messages are these simple steps:

  1. Make sure the iCloud is backed up.
  2. Get her iCloud ID and password.
  3. Tap on the Apple platform on your mSpy Control Panel in your account. 
  4. Enter your wife’s credentials in the form — and you are ready to track.

Installation Steps on Android

If your wife uses an Android device, here is what you need to do:

  1. Get the phone physically.
  2. Disable Google Play Protect.
  3. Allow installation of the apps from unknown sources.
  4. Download the installation file onto her phone.
  5. Launch the file and follow the prompts the program is giving you.
  6. Accept the License Agreement.

Now you can check the first updates that will appear on your Control Panel within about an hour.

What Type of Wife’s Text Messages Can You Monitor?

When you use a professional spy app, you can monitor everything. You can read your wife’s SMS, iMessages, and texts sent through the messengers. mSpy will give you access to the texts she sends in WhatsApp, Snapchat, Viber, etc.

How to Check My Wife’s Text Messages for Free?

If you want to know how to check your wife’s text messages for free, you will be glad to find that trial versions of the apps are available. The professional spy apps will give you 7 – 14 days to find out who your wife is texting without spending extra money. Although the true value comes for a price, the apps that require you to pay before you can use them have a 14-day refund guarantee policy.


You now know how to check your wife’s text messages for free. The experienced staff, user-friendly services, and a wide range of tools combined with reasonable pricing contribute to mSpy popularity among all similar spy programs.

Another advantage of this phone tracking program is that it is available on both iOS and Android devices and running in the default background mode.

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