➤ How To Hack WhatsApp: 7 BEST WhatsApp Hacking Apps In 2023

This review explains how to hack WhatsApp and compares the top WhatsApp Hacking Apps to help you select the best app for hacking WhatsApp:

How To Hack WhatsApp: 7 BEST WhatsApp Hacking Apps In 2023

WhatsApp is a very popular app that people all over the world use to communicate with each other. It’s like a social app where you can chat with your coworkers, family members, and friends.

It is a convenient way to communicate with one or a group of people simultaneously without worrying about carrier charges.

Now, although hacking into someone’s WhatsApp account is illegal, there are still a few legitimate reasons someone would want to snoop into another’s WhatsApp account.

Parents often want to make sure that their children are in good company and staying safe. One way they can do this is by monitoring their child’s phone, including their WhatsApp activity. By keeping an eye on their child’s WhatsApp, parents can have peace of mind knowing that their child is interacting with the right people and making responsible choices. It’s a way for parents to stay connected and ensure their child’s well-being.

That being said, bypassing WhatsApp’s strict encryptions and security is no child’s play. There are applications today that make hacking into the social app considerably smooth and simple.

In this article, we will list WhatsApp hacking apps that will get the job done. With the below applications and guide, you’ll know how to hack WhatsApp effortlessly.

How To Hack WhatsApp – Best Apps And Methods

How To Hack WhatsApp: 7 BEST WhatsApp Hacking Apps In 2023

Before we continue, I want to give you an important piece of advice. It’s crucial to remember that hacking into someone’s WhatsApp or their phone without their permission is illegal and can lead to serious consequences. It’s important to respect other people’s privacy and follow the law.

However, there are some apps available that can help parents keep an eye on their minor children. These apps can be useful for monitoring and ensuring their safety.

In certain situations, businesses may also use these apps to monitor their employees. It’s essential to use such apps responsibly and within the legal boundaries.

Expert Advice:

  • The app must be easy to install and use.
  • It should be well-hidden, the app should operate discreetly in the background without the device user’s knowledge.
  • The monitoring dashboard should be easy to navigate and allow you to view all WhatsApp activity, like messages, calls, and statuses happening on the app in real-time.
  • If you are using the app on an Android device, make sure you disable the play protect of your device’s Google Play Store for a hassle-free installation experience.
  • Only go for tools that have earned a reputation in the industry. Remember, these are spyware applications. We wouldn’t want you falling into trouble with the wrong application.
  • Look for tools that are reasonably priced and fall within your budget.

Market Trends: According to recent reports, WhatsApp has over 2 billion active users. This is a steep growth from the 10 million user base it enjoyed just a decade ago in 2010.

WhatsApp Hacking Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Is it possible to hack WhatsApp?

Answer: Yes, it is entirely possible to hack WhatsApp.

However, it’s important to note that WhatsApp has strong security measures in place, including end-to-end encryption, which makes hacking into someone’s WhatsApp account quite challenging and risky. There are monitoring apps available like mSpy that can help you.

Q #2) What is the best WhatsApp Hacker?

Answer: Hacking WhatsApp is simple if you have a cell phone tracking app. After having used a dozen applications ourselves, we can confidently claim the following to be some of the best you can grab right away:

  1. mSpy
  2. Spyier
  3. Cocospy
  4. Flexispy
  5. Highster Mobile

Q #3) What is a two-step verification on WhatsApp?

Answer: Two-Step Verification is an optional feature for those who would like to tighten the security of their WhatsApp account.

It is basically an additional security measure, which requires the user to create and confirm a unique PIN that’s required to access an account. The PIN you receive for the Two-Step verification process is different from the 6-digit registration number that WhatsApp provides you via SMS.

Q #4) How can I track someone on WhatsApp without them knowing?

Answer: The simplest and the most convenient way to track someone’s phone without them knowing is by using the application we’ve listed in this article. All the below apps operate in the background in complete stealth mode. Their icons are hidden while they operate in the background, relaying information from the target device to a server, which you can access via the application’s dashboard.

Q #5) How do I know if someone is checking me secretly on WhatsApp?

Answer: As of now, WhatsApp doesn’t have any built-in features that let you see who has viewed your profile. Even though there are some apps available that claim to provide this functionality, we haven’t found any reliable ones that actually work. So, it’s best to assume that you can’t know who has viewed your WhatsApp profile with certainty.

List Of Top WhatsApp Hacking Apps

Most impressive apps for hacking WhatsApp chat:

  1. mSpy
  2. eyeZy
  3. SpyBubble
  4. Cocospy
  5. uMobix
  6. MobileSpy.at
  7. FlexiSPY
  8. Spyier
  9. Highster Mobile

How To Hack Someone’s WhatsApp Without An App

Although the above apps make it extremely convenient to monitor WhatsApp, we know that there are still some among you that do not like the hassle of installing these applications on the app. Fortunately, for you guys, there are other ways to hack a WhatsApp account.

Here are the easiest ways to do so:

#1) Hacking WhatsApp Using Mobile Phone Number

Now, this method involves a bit of trickery. To make it work, you’ll need to have WhatsApp installed on your own device. Additionally, you’ll need to somehow gain access to the verification code that is sent to the phone number you want to spy on.

  • Start by opening WhatsApp on your mobile phone and entering your target device’s phone number on it. This number should be attached to their WhatsApp account.
  • The second step requires you to enter a pin to log into the account. The pin can be taken directly from the SMS carrying the pin code received by the target phone.
  • Enter the code and you’ll now have complete access to someone else’s WhatsApp account on your own device.

This method may not yield the desired results because the person you’re targeting will receive an immediate notification of a login attempt on another device. They will likely try to change their password to secure their account.

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#2) WhatsApp Hacking Using Chrome

Your Chrome browser can be used as another gateway for hacking a WhatsApp account.

  • For this to work, you’ll need to open your Chrome browser on your laptop or PC and open web.WhatsApp.com.
  • Scan the QR Code using the target mobile phone
  • Now you can start checking WhatsApp conversations on the target device. No need to install the software.

Remember though, the owner of WhatsApp will be constantly notified every time their WhatsApp account is opened via the Chrome browser.

#3) The Spoofing Method Involving a Mac Device

Now, this method is a bit complicated. You will need a Mac device as it won’t work otherwise. That being said, this way to hack WhatsApp is far more effective than other app-less methods we discussed above.

  • Delete WhatsApp from the target device completely
  • Find out the Mac address of the target device. You can do so by going to the setting, opening the General, then the About section, and clicking the Wi-Fi option.
  • Now proceed to install a WhatsApp hacking tool like BusyBox on the target device.
  • Use the hacking app to replace the WiFi Mac address with the Mac Address of the target device.
  • Now install WhatsApp again on your phone, but this time with the target device’s phone number.
  • Access the verification code sent on the target device to log into the WhatsApp account on your phone. Congratulations! you now have full access to someone else’s WhatsApp account.

How To Hack WhatsApp Using Phone Number

Hacking a WhatsApp account by mobile phone number is possible, but it requires some technical expertise. 

Determine Targetted Phone Number 

The first step to hacking someone’s WhatsApp account is determining the target user’s mobile phone number. 

You can do this through various methods, such as buying a SIM card of the same network provider as the target and spoofing their device, using a phone number lookup service, or reverse-engineering the WhatsApp account.

Gain Access To Whatsapp Account

Once you have determined the target’s mobile phone number, the next step is to gain access to their WhatsApp account. 

This can be done by either installing an app that allows you to get their messages or using a service such as WhatsApp Web. It lets you access the target’s messages from any computer or device.

Once you have approached the account, you can view all their conversations, photos, and other data. Additionally, if the target has not enabled two-factor authentication on their account, you can use this method to gain access and change the password.

How Can I Hack WhatsApp By Exporting Chat History?

Exporting their chat logs can hack into someone’s WhatsApp chat history. By using specialized tools, you can obtain a comprehensive overview of the conversations that have taken place in the account. 

It includes audio and video messages, as well as text-based conversations. To export the chat logs:

  1. You need to generate an API key for the account you intend to hack. 
  2. Once complete, you can use the API key to extract the data from WhatsApp’s secure server. It will allow you to view all of the conversations that have taken place on the account and access any media files that may have been sent or received.
  3. You can modify the conversations and change them by having an API key. 
  4. It means you can send messages to other people using the hacked account’s name or alter existing messages and conversations. 

With an API key, hacking into someone’s WhatsApp chat history is very simple. 

How Can You Hack WhatsApp With Bluetooth?

One of the most popular methods for hacking WhatsApp using Bluetooth is ‘Bluejacking.’ 

This method sends a specially crafted message to another user’s phone over Bluetooth. 

When the recipient opens their message, they unknowingly connect to your device and give you access to their WhatsApp messages.

The process is relatively simple and can be done with a few clicks.

  1. You will first need to pair the two devices via Bluetooth. 
  2. To do this, both users should have Bluetooth enabled on their phones and be set up correctly. Then, you will need to create a message that contains malicious code or links to an external website. 
  3. You can do this manually or by using a tool like an Android app. 
  4. Once you have crafted the message, all that is left is to send it over Bluetooth to the target’s phone.
  5. Once your malicious message has been sent, the recipient will open and run it without knowing any better. 
  6. It will give you access to their WhatsApp messages, which you can then read and view. 


There are plenty of ways to hack into WhatsApp. It’s important to remember that hacking into someone’s WhatsApp or any other account without their knowledge or permission is illegal and unethical. Respecting others’ privacy is crucial. Instead of resorting to hacking methods, it is recommended to establish open and honest communication with your child or the person you are concerned about.

As for our recommendation, you can use mSpy for all of its advanced tracking features and impressive visual dashboard. Spyier is another one you can try for a convenient WhatsApp chat hack.

Research Process:

  • We spent 5 hours researching and writing this article so you can have summarized and insightful information on which WhatsApp Hacking Apps will best suit you.
  • Total Apps Researched – 11
  • Total Apps Shortlisted – 7

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