On February 3rd, 2013, a group of hackers known as the evad3rs launched evasi0n. This was the initial jailbreak software that enabled iPhone 5, iPad 4, iPad mini, and all other modern iOS device owners to remove Apple’s installation limitations on their devices within a matter of minutes.

The evad3rs team was praised for their efforts in developing a reliable and effective jailbreak tool, and evasi0n became one of the most popular jailbreak tools of its time. 

The evad3rs team demonstrated that it was possible to create a jailbreak tool that could work across multiple iOS devices and versions, paving the way for future jailbreak developers to build upon their work.

Today, there are several jailbreak tools available for iOS devices, but evasi0n will always be remembered as one of the most significant contributions to the jailbreaking community.

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